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I got my tattoo fixed! The one behind my ear that I absolutely loathed, its now black, all black and gorgeous like it was intended to be. Best part IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! more specifically a black light and the guy did it for free because well, I was wearing a very tiny dress and my two best friends both got work done so he threw my fix up for free :)

Colorado this time around is a lot more relaxing, but a lot more confusing. Me and my gremlin are no longer together (he was pushing to go to fast in the relationship) but who know what will happen when I get back to Arizona. So Wade and I are together again, not boyfriend/girlfriend together, but we're doing all the "I love you" etc crap again, which is nice because I wasn't ready to just be friends with him. And then there is the ever eternally question mark that is Bart. He wants me one day, he wants nothing to do with me the next. Whatever, nothing has happened and nothing will happen with him. Then Dustin is calling me back but I have yet to see him, probably won't he's kinda flaky. Meh.

Mom is good, really happy to have me here, but she's been home alot which is nice because Bailey is here too and just its lots of family time, lots of movies, lots of puppies (I love my Bette dog :D) and its just good.

Brittany and Zach are happy (they just got married and are so cute together) and Zach got a PA (prince albert for those who don't know) and Brittany got a snowflake on her foot. I love my weekly hookah vent-fest with Brittnay because its just relaxing and calming and SHE GOT ME A HOOKAH FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! Yeah!!! So excited :)

I think that's it for now. I'm happy, I have my schedule set...sorta and just despite the fact that I am broker than broke, I think 2010 is going to be a good year.

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