architectgirl43 (architectgirl43) wrote,

It's only been....forever

Its only been forever -

I just read my BFF LJ for the first time in about a year and I have to say, crying - sitting at work - all alone...damn I miss her **hearts to lil_daisy77**

Anyways - those of you who I haven't spoken to in a long ass time (and lets face it, that's everybody) my life is one word: chaotic

If its not my next 15-20 hour stint in the printmaking labs, its my 14 hour work days - or the fact that I live in downtown Phoenix when all of my family and friends are in Tempe and I just get to friggin' tired at the end of my days to want to drive the additional hour both ways to stop by and say hi.

**crosses fingers** I'm hoping it'll all calm down after my birthday though. My senior exhibition show opens this Friday (which will be a huge load of my back!) and nothing is "due" in October...that I can remember at least.

On the plus side, I am absolutley in love with my new job. My co-workers are amazing and fun, I get to spend 8 hours a day using Photoshop and I'm officially in the "double-digit" an hour pay group! Yeah graphic design!

So all in all - life is chaos, but its not too bad.

Oh and David and me are good still, 6 months soon - that's actually really long for me and my non-long-distance relationships - woo....

tired now, but alas onward to class!

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